Elisa Asenbaum


A story with contextual traces on the net

In the morning, Augustina feels as if awakened dreamless and full of indeterminacy when she slips into the uniform of her everyday life. Between scattered, absurd dream elements the reader, following a recurring story line, plunges into a puzzling series of events which are gradually assembled into a chronological narrative.

The humorous fiction surprises with twists, changes in style, and intriguing combinations of content. Inspired by Zeno’s arrow paradox, different philosophical and natural scientific world views are confronted with each other in playful discourse. As dreams sometimes weave their tangled threads into the order of waking consciousness, here it is “reality” that threatens to become manifest as a disturbance in Augustina’s dream world. Thus a critical voice also speaks up in this fantastic story, referring subtly to current societal issues. Whether animal, plant, teacup, woman or man;in Augustina’s dream they all represent states of being, and stand for diametrically opposed views and approaches to interpreting the world. 

Traces on the net: https://t1p.de/0kmqw

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ISBN 978-3-7092-5049-5
Ersch.Datum Oktober 2022
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